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Spirits Indigenous performs twice at Grahamstown Fest

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MBABANE – Local group Spirit Indigenous have already performed twice at the Grahamstown National Arts and Music Festival in South Africa.

The all-female group left the Kingdom last Thursday after One Circle, a local company, came to their financial rescue by donating an amount of E5 000 as travelling allowance.

The group had vowed to hitch-hike to Grahamstown in the event they did not get financial assistance from anybody. The group felt that they could not let this chance of a lifetime in their music careers pass by.

According to Spirits Indigenous leader Thobile ‘Makhoyane’ Magagula, their first performance which was on Sunday afternoon and their second performance was scheduled for yesterday evening. She said so far the response from the festival-goers has been great.

"One of the main aims of being here is to represent Swaziland, we have therefore engaged ourselves in a female-artist-movement whereby art designs done by individuals from various countries are presented for every participant to view," she said.


The festival is an annual arts event which offers more than 500 shows ranging from opera, cabaret, drama and jazz to stand-up comics and folk music by various participants from different countries around Africa.

It also offers a choice of the very best of both indigenous and imported talent and with compiled reports about the festival, it is estimated that the population in Grahamstown always doubles at this time of the year as almost 50 000 people flock in for the event.

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